Studio Loza was founded by Andre Loza, Polish born multidisciplinary designer and artist who settled in Melbourne 30 years ago. 

Being driven by artistic excellence, he is passionate for creating and constructing functional  spaces and unique furniture pieces thus surpassing conventional design aesthetics. 

He combines the essence of timeless design with the skills of an artist and master craftsmen. 

Intimately involved in all phases of the design and production process, his dedication to quality and purpose, distinctly set his work apart from the modern mass-produced market.

Andre Lozaʼs rare blend of artistic vision, graphic skill, material knowledge and immaculate attention to detail, has made his services highly sought after by some of Australiaʼs leading interior designers, architects, private clients and art collectors.





Design is not just an idea.


The idea must be checked in terms of


aesthetic value,

execution possibilities,


beauty, simplicity, originality, 

creative reference to tradition,

ecology, social responsibility,

sense of humor,

durability and the possibility of repairing the item,

and timeless.


Andrzej Loza



Drawing: Library. ©Andrzej Loza. All Rights Reserved