Studio Loza™, founded by Andrzej Loza in 1988 in Melbourne, is a boutique design company specializing in furniture and lighting design for the residential and commercial markets.
Studio Loza™ also provides interior design services and tailored spatial solutions, ensuring their products are a perfect fit in any context.

Studio Loza™ manufacturing division produces all kinds of original furniture & lighting.

Studio Loza™ Principal, Andrzej Loza, Polish born multidisciplinary designer who settled in Melbourne 29 years ago, is inspired by his passion for creating and constructing unique and functional pieces which exceed conventional design aesthetics. His innovative work is a testament to his mantra of being driven by artistic excellence. He combines the essence of timeless design with the skills of an artist and master craftsmen. Following the Shakersʼ maxim: “Donʼt make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, donʼt hesitate to make it beautiful”, his work transcends the notion of furniture to become an astutely designed object of desire. Each piece of furniture showcase Andrzejʼs distinctive style. Intimately involved in all phases of the design and production process, his dedication to quality and purpose, distinctly set his work apart from the modern mass-produced market.
Andrzej Lozaʼs rare blend of artistic vision, graphic skill, material knowledge and immaculate attention to detail, has made his furniture a "collector pieces" highly sought after by some of Australiaʼs leading interior designers, architects, private clients and art collectors.

"I believe that luxury is sustainable - I care for the next generations.
Sustainability and Luxury overlap in three aspects, being: Unique, Timeless and Soulful

Uniqueness: One of a kind. Tailor-made products that show an appreciation and respect for craftsmanship.

Timelessness: Luxury isn't trendy. It is, by its very nature, durable and long lasting.

Soul: Luxury is a vector for emotion. Products are charged with: Meaning, Heritage and a Story." 


Andrzej Loza



Burnham-lounge.jpg - large


Drawing: Lounge Room - Proposed interior and furniture design for Burnham Beeches Resort (Melbourne)

Designer: ©Andrzej Loza MDIA