Furniture Design

Inspired by his passion for creating and constructing unique and functional pieces, his innovative work is a testament of a man driven by artistic excellence.

"Every project that bears my name reflects a unique fusion of energies - an obsessive infatuation with style and elegance; and a compulsive pursuit of perfection in form and function".

Paying homage to his European heritage, Loza’s work spans embraces and interprets all disciplines of style and is a marriage of the timeless integrity of traditional craftsmanship with the practicality of modern technology.
Each piece of his furniture from striking Art Deco cabinets, collection of furniture influenced by Asian art, to modern statement, showcases his distinctive style.

"My furniture offers a classic statement of timeless beauty and practicality, constructed with unexpected combinations of material. All my furniture has been conceived from the line of a pencil. Everything has to be exact to the nth millimetre, and I supervise the making of each piece".

Intimately involved in all phases of the design and production process from hand sketching all his drafting and line drawings and supervising the making of each piece, Loza’s keen eye for detail sets his work apart from todays mass produced and self-assembled furniture.
Studio Loza™ In house manufacturing facilities ensures a seamless transition from concept to crafting of beautiful custom made furniture, from exclusive one off original masterpieces to cost effective commercial projects.


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We provide a fully comprehensive Furniture Design service which includes design, project management, procurement and installation.


"Don’t make something unless


it is both necessary and useful;


but if it is both necessary and useful,

don’t hesitate to make it beautiful."





LIBRARY.jpg - large

Drawing: Library

Designer: Andrzej Loza